How do we know this? Because we grow it. Shopping Cart. Shop Online. Merino Knitting Yarn. Merino - Cream - 50gms. Merino - Marle - 50 gms. Merino - Chocolate - 50 gms. Perendale Knitting Yarn.

Tekapo Lilac 8 Ply. Cambridge Green 8 Ply. Central Otago Yellow 8 Ply. Bay of Islands Bluey Green 8 Ply. Maniototo Peony Pink 8 Ply. Flanders Fields Red 8 Ply. Fiordland Green 8 Ply. Aotearoa Cream 8 Ply.

All Blacks Noir 8 Ply. Tekapo Lilac 4 Ply. Cambridge Green 4 Ply. Central Otago Yellow 4 Ply. Bay of Islands Bluey Green 4 Ply. Maniototo Peony Pink 4 Ply. Flanders Fields Red 4 Ply. Fiordland Green 4 Ply. Aotearoa Cream 4 Ply. All Blacks Noir 4 Ply. Knitting Yarn by Yarn Weight.

Spinning and Felting. Organically Grown Merino Rovings gram Bags. Carded Grey Wool g Carded Chocolate Wool g Products by Farm. Lammermoor Station. Sign-up here. While the Level 4 Alert remains in place we will not be processing any orders. We think this is wise advice. People's health and lives are far too important.We are temporarily unable to send out deliveries. Digital patterns will still be available for purchase over this time, but we cannot ship yarn or physical patterns.

Any orders placed for printed patterns or yarns during the lockdown will be sent as soon as we are able to. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Crucci Magic is a creative space where you can browse and be inspired!

We are a family-run New Zealand company, offering high quality yarns, and New Zealand wool. Our winter knitting patterns are now rolling out. Featuring gorgeous kids sweaters and jackets, and women's trendy cropped sweaters, these are not to be missed!

All prices are displayed and charged in New Zealand Dollar. Click here to convert! Stay safe, and we hope you have a happy Easter. Featured Yarns. Crucci 4ply Pure Wool Soft 16 Items. Crucci Pure Cotton 8ply Yarn 10 Items. Crucci Rhythm 8 Items. Clearance yarns - huge reductions! Crucci Aran 10ply Wool 5 Items. Crucci Faux Fur 7 Items. Crucci Natural Wonder Artisan 8 Items.

Crucci Frizzy Wool 10 Items.Hello everyone. Julie and I are onsite at Norsewood isolated and safe, Pete the Postie picks up parcels for you every weekday! Thank you we love having you as customers, we look forward to keeping you and yours safe and warm.

Mi Woollies Woollen Bedding

In we declared the Hawaiian snail and the Bahama nuthatch extinct. Malaysia lost its last Sumatran rhino last November. We invest time in selecting them and in. Swanndri is a trademark of New Zealand and one that we are super proud of.

Being associated with Swanndri and a key reseller. Possum Merino. Possum Merino Knitwear. Merino Baselayer. Bed Socks.

nz natural wool

Boot Socks. Childrens Socks. Dress Socks.

Knitting Wool and Yarn

Health Socks. Norsewear Socks. Pictorial Socks. Possum Socks. Sport-Outdoors Socks. Work Socks. Natural Fibre Accessories. Scarves and Neck Warmers. NZ Natural Clothing. Wool Yarns. Special Offers. Essentially Warm Gift Vouchers. Picks of the Month. About Our Collection. Store Locations. Rebate Information. Who we are. Contact Us. Technical Crew You use that to make itchy jumpers. At least not in New Zealand.

Wool is one of the original super fibres with production and uses that dates back approximately 10, years in Asia Minor.

Wools advantage doesn't stop there. It has many safety benefits too. This breathable fibre helps control humidity and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And in New Zealand, there is plenty of sheep and plenty of ingenious people.

Here are five amazingly innovative ways Kiwis are using wool. When Kiwi surfboard maker Paul Barron accidentally spilt resin onto his sweater it sparked an idea to make surfboards out of wool.

Tim Brown is a kiwi entrepreneur and founder of Allbirds which makes and sells NZ merino wool shoes. Named the most comfortable shoes in the world by Time Magazine, Allbirds are the shoe of choice for hipsters and techies from San Francisco to Wellington, New Zealand.

nz natural wool

The company partnered with Kiwi fashion designer Karen Walker who created interchangeable cover designs for its MEO face mask which has gained popularity with Asian consumers. But these are not just any garments. The latest range of blazers and waistcoats from Marks and Spencer are some of the first in the world made with wool certified under the global Responsible Wool Standard RWS and features New Zealand lambswool in partnership with Wools of NZ. For visual assets and marketing resources, Search our toolkit.

Innovation 5 things you didn't know about New Zealand wool Wool. Woolite Surfboards When Kiwi surfboard maker Paul Barron accidentally spilt resin onto his sweater it sparked an idea to make surfboards out of wool. See more Innovation. The Treaty of Waitangi. Next story Stories for Good. Related stories Ka hiahia pea koe.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Whether you're following a knitting pattern or making your own creations, getting the right wool or yarn is an important decision. Search our fantastic selection of knitting yarn at Lincraft to find what you need. Pick out natural cotton yarn or synthetic acrylicnylon or polyester yarn in your favourite colours and the right gauge and length to knit socks, baby clothes and delicate garments.

nz natural wool

If you're stitching something more substantial for the winter, choose thick wool or wool blends for cuddly blankets, jumpers and bulky scarves.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, see our range of other knitting yarn. When you've stocked up on wool, make sure you've got everything else you need for your next project. Browse our other knitting suppliesfrom needles and patterns to accessories. When you click 'Join for free', you will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter. Click here for more info. Contact us. Cart 0. My Cart 0. View All Brands. Window Furnishings. Sewing Machines. Craft Essentials. Art Supplies.

Needle Size Ply 10 ply 21 12 ply 5 14ply 8 2 ply 11 3 ply 11 4 ply 41 8 29 8 ply 66 8ply 16 Show more Price? Knitting Wool and Yarn. Position Christmas Name Price. Add to My Cart. Our Brands. Cambridge House. European Collection. Kwik Sew. Lincraft Cakes. Mayfair and Bond. Lion Brand Yarn.

Lincraft Knit Stix. Mandala Art. Collins Debden. Little Makr.

Formr Junior. Faber Castell. Couture Creations. Diamond Dotz.Why is Wool such a good bedding material?


Comfort: Wool has the ability to take moisture away from the body and release it into the atmosphere, keeping the sleeper warm and comfortable throughout the night.

The ability of wool to transfer the moisture we release in our sleep is important to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature, and avoid waking up hot and clammy.

Wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Better Sleep: Research has found that sleeping in wool can improve the quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that people who sleep in wool have a more restful sleep due to the consistency of their body temperature. In addition their heart rates are lower and more even and regular than those of people who sleep under manmade fibres.

Safe: Wool has natural flame resistant properties. It is difficult to ignite and slow to burn, making it a safe bedding material, especially for children. When wool burns it forms a dry ash that is non-sticking and cool to the touch. You will have perfect sleeps all year round with the luxurious comfort of our genuine Mi Woollies Alpaca Pillow. Combining these Place the wool mattress overlay on top of the lower sheet or in place of the lower sheet and sleep directly on the wool, for the same bed sore Keep your bed dry with our Jaycare Sleep Dry.

The Jaycare Sleep Dry is an absorbent pad with poplin tuck in flaps designed to be used together with Jaycare Waterproof Underlays.

Towelling and brushed polyester have been channel quilted together to Jaycare Water Proof Underlays The Half Underlay is placed across the centre of the bed and has quick drying poplin tuck-in flaps attached which allows it to be firmly held in place. It can be used as a full mattress cover for a large cot by tucking the Sleep easy in perfect comfort with a top quality Wool Duvet Comforter.

Wool is a fantastic, natural bedding material. It is highly sought after worldwide for its superior insulation qualities. It efficiently regulates the temperature and moisture Wool is a fantastic, natural bedding.

It efficiently regulates the temperature and moisture around It efficiently The light, clean alpaca fibre offers a Suitable for all year round use. One side is cotton while the reverse side is wool. Cool in summer and warm in winter. Magnetic Therapy may help you with the Wool is a fantastic, natural bedding option.

It efficiently regulates the Masterweave Windemere Alpaca Scarf. Wonderfully light with a gorgeous range of colours to choose from. It efficiently regulates the temperature It keeps pillows dry and is easy to remove for washing.

When used underAt Natural Wool Products, we are committed to the supply of quality home and office wool insulation products produced from genuine natural sheep's wool fibre.

nz natural wool

We are the manufacturers, marketers and installers of the competitively priced machine blown wool insulation product Supa-Fill. A full range of manufactured wool insulation materials are also available. These include Wool Blanket for walls and ceilings. Natural Wool Products have full New Zealand coverage with fully trained contractors and installers strategically domiciled throughout the North and South Islands.

Please view our range of products and services. You are welcome to phone us for additional information on:. Suppliers of Natural Wool Products At Natural Wool Products, we are committed to the supply of quality home and office wool insulation products produced from genuine natural sheep's wool fibre.

Our product range includes: Insulation Materials We are the manufacturers, marketers and installers of the competitively priced machine blown wool insulation product Supa-Fill. Copyright

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